2020 Vision: Nawr yw’r Amser – a Vision for Wales

November 25, 2014

We are facing a sea change: “being asked to be involved in mission is huge – and new for many of us.” “The way we did things [before] was good – but now we need to do things differently” said Christina Baxter, the Conference Theologian.
  ‘The Time is Now’ was a conference in Llandudno for 200 delegates from across the Church in Wales and representatives from other Christian denominations. The context for the conference is our response to the 2012 Church in Wales Review.  Archbishop Barry said that, in the past, other reviews of our Church had come and gone and we had not let them change us. “This time it is different”, he said.
 “For me it’s been a massively positive experience – a promising sign is that everyone is moving on. The St. Asaph youth forum was impressive because the young people have a voice in the way things are moving.”  Simon Gwyn
The Church in Wales is being re-structured for mission. Dr. Christina Baxter, from a different perspective was able to commend the Church in Wales for responding courageously to the 2012 Review. You can find plenty about the Conference on the 2020 Vision and Swansea and Brecon websites and on Vlogs like this one from James Henley of the Lab in Monmouth.   New Picture Delegates from Swansea and Brecon New Picture (1) Parish cubes were building blocks for worship finally becoming the components for constructing an altar for the Eucharist. New Picture (2) Moving on in mission – taking the message back to the parishes.
“I’ll go away called back to my roots in the faith we are called to proclaim – and energised to find fresh ways to reach out to those whom God loves.”