HOPE Revolution

May 5, 2016

HOPE Revolution: Mission plans for young people in 2018 – find out more! 2018 will be a year where young people will, once again, take the lead in grass-roots mission. HOPE is offering support, opportunities, resources and training to encourage young people to enable their faith make a difference. Now is the time to start planning. And here is what HOPE is offering. The message is for youth workers – and also for anyone working with young people in church groups or choirs. “As ambassadors for Jesus today,, we have a collective responsibility to not only reach out to, but to rescue young people, enabling them to become all they can for tomorrow, and leaving a legacy that sustains a growing and vibrant church for the future.” The message is for HOPE ‘Advocates’ – people willing to become local co-ordinators and encouragers. The message is about training for Youth Leaders – find out about the HOPE Rev Roadshow. “If you have a desire to lead young people in youth-led evangelism and can gather a bunch of youth leaders in your area then we would love to take the Roadshow to you.” You can contact to have a discussion or make a booking. The message is about training for young people – there’s the ‘Chatterbox’ tool, there are training sessions to put “young people in the driving seat of mission so that sharing their faith in words and actions will come naturally...”. AND there’s the ‘Step Out Tour’, an exciting and inspirational night that will focus on the call and command of Christ to ‘Go and make disciples’. The event is free – but please book early as many dates are already taken. The message is about young people delivering mission - a vision for churches working together and young people from across a region planning and delivering mission in words and action together. The ‘Mission Academy enables this to happen. The message is also about funding - as well as encouragement, training and resources, HOPE is able to offer 50% funding for each mission activity resulting from the Mission Academy. So... get together with other youth leaders in your area and start up a Mission Academy! See more at: