A new vicar for Llwynderw

September 17, 2015

by Arthur Howells On the 4th September the Reverend Jonathan Davies was inducted at Holy Cross Church as the fourth incumbent of the parish of Llwynderw. He was greeted by members of the congregation of both churches in the parish, Holy Cross and Clyne Chapel together with his family, friends, former parishioners from Manselton and about thirty clergy. It was good to have a packed church to welcome him and to pray for him as a new chapter in his ministry and in the life of the parish began. At the commencement of the Service the Bishop welcomed the congregation and spoke of his personal pleasure at presiding at Jonathan’s Induction. Later he was greeted by representatives of the local churches and the community. In a challenging address based on the Scripture readings the bishop spoke about the need for the local church to be a welcoming community. After the legal proceedings were over the bishop presented the new incumbent to the congregation and there was loud and prolonged applause! Mair Kiley as churchwarden handed Jonathan the keys of the church, the Archdeacon installed him and he and the Area Dean led him to the porch of the church to toll the bell signifying to the community that a new ministry had begun. The whole service was thoughtfully structured and it was quite moving to witness the symbols of ministry (baptismal water, a Bible and Prayer Book, Bread and Wine and the Holy Oils) presented by representatives of every age group from the oldest to the youngest members of the parish. The Peace was shared, Intercessions were offered and after the rousing hymnTo God be the glory the Bishop sent us out with The Blessing and the Vicar The Dismissal. As Jonathan said ‘This is it!’ and we. the parishioners of Llwynderw look forward with hope and joy to the years that lie ahead.   Photos courtesy of Bob and Biddy Wigley.