Abolish the Unfair Banana!

February 18, 2014

Bananas, love them or hate them, did you know in the UK in 2012, £550 million was spent and over 5 billion a year were eaten with 80% purchased in supermarkets. A single banana, now only costs 11 pence compared to 20 pence for an UK grown apple. This low price has resulted in many of the farmers and workers who grow them being trapped in poverty, struggling to put enough food on the table for their families. During Fairtrade Fortnight – 24th February – 9th March a campaign will be launched to help break this cycle of poverty with the launch of a campaign that will transform the banana industry. You can find out how you can support this campaign on the following web site:

Fairtrade bananas 2

Supporting Fairtrade Fortnight is just one of the ways you can help. Many churches are making the connection between trade and poverty and committing to using Fairtrade products including tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits. If you are interested in finding out more about this the visit the Fairtrade Churches webpage here. The parish of Three Cliffs have just launched a campaign to promote the sale of The Real Easter Egg. All the chocolate eggs are produced using Fairtrade products and also explain the Christian message of Easter. Revd Peter Brooks believes that “Promoting the purchase of these eggs supports Christian charitable giving, Fairtrade and is also an opportunity to buy a chocolate egg with an Easter message”. You can find out more about the Real Easter Eggs on their website: