Apprenticed for Mission

Saturday 14th November

Our next Vision Event is all about discipleship: discipleship with mission at its heart. If your church, parish or ministry area wants to be inspired in your journey together, this event is for you! We will be welcoming the Revd. Dr Alison Morgan as our leader for the day – here is an opportunity to find out more about Alison and what to expect on November 14th.
Alison’s current job:
Alison Morgan is ReSource’s thinker and writer and, from July 2015, Interim Director. She is also the Director of the Rooted in Jesus discipleship programme in wide use in Africa.
What is ReSource?
ReSource is an organisation that works for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit – across all traditions, Churches and denominations, but with an Anglican distinctive. ReSource understand renewal as ‘the ongoing process by which God brings spiritual refreshment and practical challenges to individuals, churches and communities’.
What is the day about?
Alison believes that discipleship is not about what we know but about who we are becoming – and that true disciples of Jesus are those who are apprenticed to Jesus, growing into his likeness and willing to be sent out to minister in his name.
How does this link to our vision?
We are ‘A family, rooted in Christ, committed to transforming lives by: Gathering as God’s people Growing more like Jesus Going out in the power of the Spirit’ ... Seems like a pretty good fit!
 More about Alison ...
She is a speaker with an international reputation – and appreciated for her informal and humorous style. Alison is a linguist by background and has a PhD in medieval Christian literature from Cambridge. After teaching in various universities, she was ordained in 1996. She is the author of 6 books and many course materials, booklets and articles. Alison is a member of the Archbishops’ College of Evangelists and a popular conference speaker. Alison lives in Wells with her husband Roger, her daughter Bethy and her parrot Alfie, and on days off is to be found bird-watching, cycling or taking photographs.
As an author, Alison is best known for The Wild Gospel (Monarch 2004), The Word on the Wind – renewing confidence in the gospel (Monarch 2011), and Following Jesus: the Plural of Disciple is Church (ReSource 2015).  
How can you book for this event?
If you are quick and book before November 6th you can still get our ‘early bird discount’! You will find all of the details on our booking form (and Programme) on this web-page.