“Awaken” Community Mission in St Thomas and Kilvey

June 18, 2015

kilv 2The Parish of St Thomas and Kilvey is spending a week serving the local community in through a variety of events and acts of service. The local leaders have been joined by 28 students from St Michaels Church in Aberystwyth. The students interacted with pupils in the schools as well as giving practical help for the local community and churches.
"In the schools St Thomas and Dan Y Graig we have been doing interactive assemblies with the pupils and providing practical help such as painting climbing walls and sheds and other jobs that need doing. Also we have been restoring fences and helping the schools with preparing for inspections that are happening in the next week."
Community involvement includes Acts of Kindness - where local community members nominate someone who needs practical help. Then the students skip off with rakes and other tools to help with gardening or repairing work. “In providing practical help to those in need of it we can show God’s love and care for his people as well as the kindness we are shown”. Other events include a Ladies’ night (a pamper and mocktail evening of sophisticated fun); a Men’s night (where the men can get together for a manly curry and a talk). In the local churches the students have been leading the service with worship, prayers and a message aimed at communicating God’s almighty power and grace. Local people are also invited to “Church in the Park” (Saturday 2-5pm) for a day of craziness and fun with minions!
“We are also supporting the local Food bank by providing helping hands where needed.”
The week started off with a splash as paint was thrown onto the walls of St Thomas’ hall while it was re-painted and the railings have been sanded within an inch of their life in preparation for new paint. Everyday a couple of students prayer walk the surrounding area praying for the community and for God’s love to be shown to them in the events and everyday life in this mission week. “We also pray for the future of Swansea and for the positive impact of the changes being made in this city to be felt by the whole community.”   kilv 3