Cockett West End Singers

June 11, 2014

When members of the Saturday Circle Youth Club based at St. Peter’s Church, Cockett came up with the idea of creating a new song of worship, they had little idea whether their efforts would be successful and they could not have possibly imagined the exciting journey on which they were about to embark or that the final outcome would be so professional. However, when local singer/songwriter and West End star Steve Balsamo stepped in and offered to help and collaborate with the project and sing lead vocals, it gained significant momentum and its success was assured. Working under Steve’s guidance and mentorship over the past few months, the youth club members decided on the theme of the song, wrote the lyrics and subsequently were involved in the vocals and instrumentals that can be heard on their CD Born of the Son, which was recorded at AGM Productions by Andrew Griffiths and filmed by Gareth Davies who both gave generously of their time and expertise. The lyrics tell of the creation of the world but poignantly remind us that the perfect world that God created is ravaged through war, want and need and that it is in the hands of young people to change this situation. A spokesperson for the youth group said that they were extremely grateful to Steve for his invaluable help in what had been a wonderful experience and also for the support that St. Peter’s Mission Committee had given in financing the project. The CD of the song and film can be purchased for £2.50p via the Cockett Parish Website at or directly from Revd Alex Pye on 01792 588152. West end singers 2