Diocesan 90th Anniversary Celebration

July 15, 2014

As part of our celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon, a special service was held at the Cathedral to acknowledge and give thanks for the contribution made to the life of the Diocese by our own retired clerics and by other clerics who, in retirement, have joined us from elsewhere. Many of these clerics, from home and away, continue to exercise a much valued ministry among us. SONY DSC In addition, and mindful of the fact that spouses have provided huge support and also, in many cases, exercised a much appreciated and ‘unpaid ministry’ of their own, we also wanted to acknowledge all that they also have contributed to our Diocesan life. The event was well attended by almost 100 retired clerics and family members. The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed a nice afternoon tea in a marquee on the Cathedral lawn. Everyone enjoyed catching up with old friends and acquaintances with some people travelling from Dorset, Swindon, Portsmouth and Shropshire – as well as a lot of people from closer to Brecon. There was lots of catching up and people shared stories, memories and photos from their days working in the Diocese. SONY DSC There were books on display of historical photos and memorabilia which had been donated before the event and which depicted many historical events – visits from Prince Charles, the Queen and even the Queen Mother, the first ordination of women in Brecon Cathedral in 1997, photos of the Cathedral chapter and the Bishops of the Diocese right back to 1923, and photos of damage to churches in Swansea from WWII and the subsequent repair and re-building. People spent hours looking through these photos and reminiscing about their time in the Diocese. But as well as looking back, the event was about looking forward, and all of the attendees re-confirmed their faith and their dedication to the Diocese and their commitment to working with the Diocese in the future. You can view our photo gallery of the event here. If you would like copies of any of these photos then please contact the Diocesan Centre on 01874 623716 or email S