Faith in Action

September 11, 2015

We asked the Revd Steve Bunting why St. Thomas with Kilvey began their collection for refugees, Here’s what he said: “I was inspired to do something after my daughter burst out crying after seeing the body of the little boy on the news. She was asking, what are we going to do about it? At the same time I was preparing my sermon for this weekend and the lectionaries reading was from without action is dead. St Thomas 2 “Another group has begun a collection for items to take to the camps in Calais and further into Europe - and it made sense to offer them any support we could, financial and practical. “The local community responded immediately. Over 6000 people saw our post on Facebook and people began turning up at the church hall with items. The items will be added to other Swansea collections and taken by lorry to Calais and then on throughout Europe to the places most in need. “I think the single best thing is that ordinary people have decided that enough is enough and that watching horror on the news and then turning over the TV is no longer an option, that doing something is the only response to a tragedy like this, either by giving, writing letters, campaigning and collecting.” Christian Aid prayer resources (Welsh and English) for the current Refugee Crisis can be found here.