Film Nights – More Resources

March 6, 2014

‘Great films for film discussions’ does not necessarily mean ‘great films’ in the sense that they appear on lists of the ‘greatest films ever’. Rather, these are films which are ideal for talking about because they stimulate people to think about important ideas. Tony Watkins
  Tony Watkins is a speaker and writer on Christianity and culture, specialising in film, media, and Old Testament prophets. In September 2013 he posted a very helpful article on his blog about leading a film-based discussion group. It includes – and critiques - suggestions for current films such as ‘Gravity’, Blue Jasmine’ and ‘About Time’. If you are showing a film in any setting other than a home with friends, you need a licence. Tony Watkins’ blog has more information.
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Damaris is offering resources for the forthcoming film, Noah (in UK cinemas from April 4th). Noah is an epic film inspired by the Bible story of Noah - for details see From the visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connolly, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins. Nick Pollard, the co-founder of Damaris, says, “This is a powerful and inspirational film ... Whilst faithfully telling the core story, this film brilliantly takes us into the mind of Noah and sets his task and the flood in the wider context of the whole biblical narrative.” Noah 2 Films like Noah encourage people to think about questions of faith and doubt, righteousness and wickedness, judgment and mercy, and the relationship between humanity, the world and God. It can stimulate people to look at the original story for themselves.