Gateway Project 2015

May 11, 2015

The leaders and some campers arrived on Friday in the drizzle and cold. There was a feeling of uncertainty and apprehension as this camp was so different to the last one. However, sausage and chips helped to dispel this! Saturday saw the arrival of everyone else, old faces and new and a great feeling of camaraderie was experienced by all. This was the beginning of an adventure and prayer filled weekend. The first task was to create a labyrinth of prayer stations with a few materials, pebbles, shells, post it notes, clay and lots of imagination. After a slow start and lots of comments of not knowing where to start the prayer stations started to take shape. It was a moving and spiritual experience to walk around and see what the gang had come up with. There were many ways to pray, writing on a log, a post it note, a pebble or creating with clay. The shells were used to create a question mark to show that it is ok to question our faith and to be unsure. There was also regular worship where many people took part. This gave hope for any of us who may be worried about the future of the church. Another aspect of camp was fellowship and this was expressed in many ways including archery, circus skills and an assault course with a lot of mud! Some did GCSE revision one afternoon, which led to an impromptu discussion on the Bible, belief and faith. This opened up a new line of communication not explored by the young people before. Another major part of camp was food, this was wonderful and despite the weather the determination of the leaders led to a BBQ! The Eucharist at the end was moving and joyful as we all came together to praise God and say farewell until next time.