Gathering, growing, going – with a good film

January 29, 2014

A recent church growth research project highlighted the importance of nurturing new and existing Christians with courses on discipleship or “preparing members to be a Christian witness in their daily lives”. Small groups are places within church communities where people can grow in faith and confidence. Some churches already have house groups or prayer groups, others may be thinking about starting something. In an age where video images are everywhere we have become used to visual communication. We have actually become very sophisticated in our expectations when it comes to resources for groups.
Amazing true story #12YearsaSlave is in cinemas Jan 10. Get free community resources at
Damaris is an educational charity that is working in partnership with the film industry. They create official community resources to accompany the latest feature films. Resources that help a wide range of community and faith groups to engage with the themes and ideas explored in the films. Damaris provides a large number of resources specifically for schools and churches. You can use the resources on their own and you can also follow them with a group visit to watch newly released films at the cinema or, for older films, by watching a DVD together. There is an option to join the Damaris Film Club too – either as a church group or as a way of getting more involved with others in your community who enjoy film. “Damaris Film Clubs bring together friends, families, clubs and communities to share, explore, reflect and discuss movies, their themes and the ideas they raise.” Here is a link to their website: and to their latest church resources which are for the moving film, “12 Years a Slave”. If you want to know more about the research mentioned at the top of the page, you can download the findings from the Church Growth Research Programme 2011 – 2013 here.

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