Good Friday Worship

April 22, 2014

On Good Friday the churches in the Deanery of Gower along with their ecumenical partners as well as visitors from Nicholaston retreat House and a contingent of Christians from Singapore gathered at the green in Reynoldston village. This had been envisaged as an act or witness to mark Good Friday but also to mark 90 years of our Diocese. Inspired in part by a 1973 photograph of people carrying a cross up Kilvey Hill to mark 50 years of the Diocese we set out to make this event a living act of witness and a way of showing that our faith is alive and shared by so many people in Gower. At Reynoldston there were lay led prayers and reflections from both Anglicans and Methodists and good singing from over 100 people of all ages. As the drama of the day unfolded crows noisily commented from the nearby trees and the world stopped for a moment as the story of the first Good Friday took place.It was fitting that the last reading at Reynoldston green was undertaken by Canon Joe Griffin for whom this is his last Easter as the much respected Area Dean of Gower. The format had been worked out by the Rev Hilary Evans based on her experiences of such events elsewhere and who retires from her post as South West Gower benefice Curate this Easter. From the green a large  procession made its way to the top of Cefn Bryn, causing the holiday traffic to slow down and reminding the world that this was indeed a special day. At the top of the Hill we were joined by more people and together we made our way across to the Trig point overlooking Oxwich bay and the place where on Easter morning at 6.00 am a sunrise Eucharist is held. With the help of some of the younger people Paul Rowles who had helped carry the cross erected it and we gathered around for more dramatic readings, passionate prayers and silence accompanied only by the singing of a skylark in the cloudless sky above. A final hymn and we left the cross to its silent witness beside the much trod Gower Way, an empty cross that shows the world that Christ is indeed not there but alive in the world through the witness of His people. Gower Good Friday