Gower Ministry Area

June 1, 2015

In the beginning ... conversation Then came the idea. Then there were months of planning. And reviews of buildings, of church communities. And thoughts about hopes and dreams (and anxieties). Then... At 3.00 pm on Sunday 24th of May people converged from across the Gower peninsula and beyond to celebrate a special Pentecost Sunday Service with Bishop John, Archdeacon Robert and the clergy of the new Gower Ministry Area at Llanrhidian Church on the North Gower coast. This was the inauguration of the Ministry Area.
“The Ministry Area is what we all need to re-imagine and re-invigorate our faith, not in a dry, structures sense, but in an outpouring of the faith in Jesus Christ - from His Church to the people of Gower.” The Revd Peter Brooks, Ministry Area Leader Designate.
It followed months of planning and conversations with the churches throughout Gower as to how we could move closer together and work as one to enable the Christian Ministry to expand and come to new life. The development of lay ministries will be key to the success of the Ministry Area, so it was great to welcome a wide variety of lay ministers from across Gower. It was also encouraging to be joined by officers and worshippers from different churches - and representatives from civic and other organisations. Bishop John preached about new life being breathed into God's creation and how on this day new life was being breathed into the church. Following the service refreshments were served in the Parish Hall. The atmosphere was joyful and celebratory and good start for a new venture in Mission and Ministry.