My Life My Faith: Diane Richardson

July 6, 2015

Diane is the go-to person for an amazing project called ‘Open the Book’ that introduces children to the Bible – enabling them to hear Bible stories throughout their primary school years. She is the Training Co-ordinator for a large part of Wales. If you are interested in setting up ‘Open the Book’ in your area you can contact her on either 01792 517 606 or 07890 199 646 or email her at and if you want to find out more about the project, look at Open the Book.   Place of birth: I was born and brought up in Swansea, married in Cockett. How did you first get involved with Open the Book? I was a teacher all my life –in Birmingham for a while and then back in Swansea. I am a member of St. David’s, Morriston and I was the Sunday School co-ordinator there. As I was coming up to retirement I went to a Children’s Convention – I was looking forward to going to a particular workshop but the facilitator was ill and the workshop was cancelled. I was disappointed and signed up to another workshop by default. It was called Open the Book; it was the best decision ever! There were six schools in Morriston, we got the head teachers together and they were excited by the idea. We had 10 volunteers from our church and then, through the Council of Churches, we soon had 30 volunteers of all denominations. Jesus said “Go out”- and because we go out into the schools, 1,500 children hear Open the Book Bible stories every year. What is your happiest memory? Being a mum to two children - and now the grandchildren. How do you like to relax? Crochet, all things to do with craft, reading. What are you reading at the moment? I am re- reading Wuthering Heights. When has prayer been most important to you? I like to do cross stitch. Once, when I was doing a biblical scene (Mary and Jesus in the stable), I found that I was praying with every stitch. I had a real awareness of God as I worked. As well as the prayers I made for my family and situations I discovered Mary as I had never known her before. What would your top Desert Island Disc be? Michael Ball, Love changes everything! Share a favourite bit of the Bible with us: “Consider the lilies of the field ... they toil not neither do they spin” (Luke 12.27-29) - it puts us on an equal footing. And I am a worrier – so I need to hear that it’s not necessary. How would you like to see Open the Book making a difference? By ensuring that this generation will pass on the story to the next, and the next...