New Ministries in Swansea and Brecon

June 24, 2015

These are exciting and challenging times for changing patterns of mission and ministry – and we are blessed as a diocese to have people with a real heart for God and a passion for serving his Kingdom. On Saturday 27th June, in Brecon Cathedral, Bishop John will be ordaining two priests and six deacons. Five of the deacons will become our first “NSM(L)s” which is shorthand for Non Stipendiary Ministers (Local). It is good news because this new category of deacon – the NSM(L) kind – is enabling ordained ministry to emerge from within the local Christian community. Here’s how it has been happening: Sometimes the local church sees someone’s call to ministry before they recognise it themselves. These potential deacons and priests will already be embedded in congregational and community life. They are committed Christians and are regarded as people who:
  • pray and read the Bible daily
  • want to learn and are teachable
  • may lead worship or study and prayer groups
  • are respected both in the church and the community
  • would regard themselves primarily as servants of the Gospel and Kingdom of Christ
  • are instinctive team players
  • have heard the call to be ordained for themselves once the idea has been raised with them  by others
  • recognise that their ministry will be exercised within their local community
Some will already be Readers who already have a preaching and teaching ministry and will have done substantial theological training. This kind of ministry is part of the development of discipleship and ministry in our new Ministry Areas. Non-Stipendiary (Ordained) Local Ministry depends upon wholehearted local endorsement; on the support of the Incumbent and the Parochial Church Council; on a rigorous selection process and careful formation and training.