Opening up the gifts of the Spirit

February 6, 2015

". . . let’s learn something new together. . ." That’s the strap-line for our Vision Events. On Saturday, in a room of more than 70 people, we both learned and saw some new things.
The content was just right. Good balance of theory and practical application. Bruce was inspirational. Jonathan
Jesus’ ministry was attractive. Whether you were a disciple or one in the crowd you wanted to be where he was, to hear what he had to say, to receive healing and his blessing. His life and his message were one and the same. Amazingly Jesus promised - “In truth I tell you, anyone who believes in me will do the same things as I have been doing”.  Bruce Collins taught why - and how – we could be released to use the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit so that we allow Jesus to continue his amazing ministry in and through us in our everyday lives.
We all came away from the day with renewed passion and a greater openness to the possibilities that the Holy Spirit can bestow upon us when we free ourselves. I think it brings what we know deep in our hearts, to the surface, to reality. It was a very special day that changed me.  I had in the past felt the Holy Spirit gently nudging me in different directions and situations but I had never explored the different gifts that are possible. Carrie
And the new things we experienced? For some people it was receiving a word of encouragement for their situation, for others it was healing and, for many, it was hearing the music of a congregation singing in the languages of the Holy Spirit. Bruce and his team: Vision event 2