Strictly men!

April 17, 2015

CANCELLED Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. If you have already purchased tickets please contact the Diocesan Centre for a refund. A Vision Event on Saturday 23rd May 2015 in Penllergaer 'Strictly Men' is just that: it's a day event designed for specifically for men. Yes! We know that the Church is 'people' and that means both genders, but it would be unrealistic to deny that occasional days bringing JUST women or JUST men together to discuss issues of particular relevance can be really helpful. They provide unique opportunities to think, reflect and compare experience and, as a result, can be really refreshing, recharging the batteries and inspiring new vision. The Revd Mark Rudall from the Diocese of Guildford came up with the idea for 'Strictly Men' when he realised that a lot of men in the church struggle with tough issues that could usefully be brought into the open, but the male psyche often prefers to keep things private. Men sometimes find mid-life a bit challenging, so we'll take a look at the business of faith and doubt, of the need for encouragement and a sense of self worth, and the way money, sex and power can sometimes exert a powerful pull in mid-life if not before.
Not heavy, but certainly thought provoking, with plenty of time to chew over the issues and exchange ideas about ourselves and how we relate as Christian men to the complex world in which we're obliged to live out our Christian faith.
The UK has always been a society of contrasts, but some grow ever more stark. We could highlight extreme super-car wealth for a few as against food bank poverty for many. We might pick on the availability of highly sophisticated education for many alongside high levels of graduate unemployment as well as the startling ignorance and illiteracy within the UK's fast growing underclass.
Does all that make 'Strictly Men' sound like a day for grumpy old men? No... We will work hard to ensure it isn't!  But the background to this special day for men is real enough and there'll be a lot to chew on, all of it in a context designed to encourage and envision. For our day Mark will be joined by Padraig Gallagher and also by Mark’s brother Colin, who shares the passion for ministry to men.
We shouldn't forget the ever-present media focus on sex, sexuality, violence and trivia alongside the allure of the Web for online gaming, pornography and seriously cruel trolling without apparent redress. Please book for this Vision Event. You can download a booking form here (insert link) it has details of the venue, the cost and concessions for groups or students. You can email if you need more information. Mark Ruddell