Vision and Values

December 10, 2014

On Thursday 27th November a training afternoon was held in the Diocesan Centre called, 'Vision and Values'. The training was an education event attended by head teachers, RE coordinators and foundation governors. It was a very successful event which encouraged schools to think about the vision of their schools as Church schools and how this should shape policy, collective worship and everything that is done in the school. The training was led by Mrs Shahne Vickery an educational expert who was the instigator of the 'Values for Life' pack which is used in worship by many of our schools. At the training we were introduced to, 'Roots and Fruits' which looks at values and places them alongside further Bible stories and the Church calendar. There were many positive comments about the event and people were fired up ready to make their vision as a Church school even more central. This will enable children to understand more of their own value in life and also their value in the eyes of God.