Gathering, Growing, Going Tree

VISION EVENT – Saturday 1st November 2014

September 23, 2014

Stimulating Spiritual Conversations with Paul Griffiths Paul Griffiths When we know that God loves us it changes the way we see things and how we live our lives. If our Christian faith is important to us, surely it will be good news for others too. The big question is, how can we begin to share our faith? We often feel very inadequate, ill-prepared and downright scared! Paul Griffiths, originally from Swansea and now living in Chepstow, is going to help us get started.
Table Talk is a game to stimulate conversations about life’s important questions.
Paul is a member of the Archbishop’s College of Evangelists and the Director of the Ugly Duckling Company. He is the creative brain behind the Table Talk series as well as other resources aimed at starting good conversations and developing discipleship. Here is a short video from Paul: And you can download a flyer for these vision events here: 2014 Vision Events flyer Table Talk